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CBD Oil Healing Salve 50mg

CBD Oil Healing Salve 50mg

CBDerma Plus’ 50mg salve is ideal for general use. Handcrafted in small batches, this product includes other beneficial botanicals infused into olive oil, such as goldenseal, calendula, chamomile, olive leaf and St. John’s Wort. With customer testimonials already pouring in, it has quickly become a best seller.

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Healing Salve .6 oz

Our .6 oz salve has been designed to help your skin stay healthy and vibrant no matter where your travels take you. Conveniently sized, customer feedback about this product includes ease of use in TSA-sized toiletry bags, beach kits for post-sun relief and more. We’re confident your experience with this salve will quickly transform it into one of your favorite travel accompaniments. Learn More

Max Strength (100mg) Healing Salve

This maximum strength CBD oil salve is a heavier duty version of our 50mg salve. The added potency from US Hemp Authority high quality-awarded full-spectrum CBD oil offers a more robust product to support you in a host of applications. If you’re looking for a high potency product for extra efficacy, this is the one for you.

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Joy P
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It’s really a great salve – I recommend it to customers in our health food store all the time.
Penny R
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While on vacation, my thigh had gotten sunburned and by that evening, my skin was purple with sun poisoning. I applied CBDerma Plus salve and within an hour the sting went away. I applied it a second time before bed and when I woke up, the purple turned red. Within two more days it turned to pink. I applied the salve 3 times a day and thankfully my sunburn never blistered or peeled. I’ll always travel with CBDerma Plus.
James F
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This is hand down the best CBD salve I’ve tried to date. I’ve used a wide variety of products over the past couple of years and CBDerma’s has worked best for a variety of skincare issues, from sunburn relief to swelling and problem patches in my t-zone.

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CBDerma Plus (Wellness Naturals LLC) is a new business, based in Missouri, committed to providing the highest quality CBD oil skincare products.

We recently launched and are quickly gaining traction with wholesalers. Our website is now fully operational offering our products at a reduced launch price for US residents.

All our products incorporate CBD oil made from industrial hemp. (strictly enforced to contain no more than .3% THC content)

CBD Oil Healing Salve 50mg

CBD Oil Healing Salve

25mg, 50mg & 100mg CBD oil concentration available

CBD Oil Hand and Body Cream

50mg & 100mg CBD oil concentration

CBD Oil Facial Serum

50mg & 100mg CBD oil concentration

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